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15th August 2006

8:23pm: Alert! Alert! Alert!!!

I'm making the switch. Let me know what you think of the new place. If it turns out not very well, perhaps I'll end up coming back here. Anyway. There it is.

14th August 2006

3:18pm: Old movies rock
Mom and I just watched the Glenn Miller Story, starring none other than the amazing and wonderful Jimmy Stewart. I love him. Anyway, it's a good movie. Watching the movies Mom gets off of the blockbuster version of netflicks usually always results in a satisfactory viewing experience. Last week we watched The Thin Man, which is like a comedy detective murder mystery thing. Black and white. Better than I was expecting. As much as I like old movies, I think I still have somewhat of a bias against them, like for some reason I expect them to be...just not very good. I have no idea why I would think that though. But yeah. There's so many old movies out there, and I've only seen a few of them in comparison. I love old movies.

And as for Glenn Miller, as some of you may know I really started to love his music this past year. Great stuff. But I didn't really know anything about his life. The movie had its inaccuracies, of course (I looked up his life story while I was watching, just to see), but for the most part nothing was terribly blatant. Although apparently they did leave out, not even mention, quite a few more famous people he worked with in the bands he played in and in his own band. But anyway. It's really kind of sad though, because he volunteered for the military in 42 or whatever, as the conductor of the Air Force Band, and played in Europe and stuff with the band, and on his way to a Christmas show in Paris in December 44, the single engine plane he was on disappeared and it (and he, and the two other people on the plane with him) has never been found. It's really sad. And his wife and he adopted two kids, the first in 42 and the second in 44, apparently very shortly before he disappeared, so neither of them really knew him. Quite sad.

But I still highly recommend the movie, especially for the music in it. And of course the magnificent Jimmy Stewart. June Allyson, who I guess I've only ever seen in the old version of Little Women but didn't know who she was until...I guess until she died this past June, is also wonderful in this movie as Helen Miller, Glenn's wife. While I still sometimes have a hard time seeing Jimmy Stewart with anyone but Donna Reed (It's a Wonderful Life, of course), June Allyson and Jimmy Stewart work well together it seems. Anyway. If ever you're looking for a movie to watch, consider this one.
10:38am: Dude, weird
So, Tom and I were watching the Price is Right, and he was saying something about wishing he could see the reactions of the people right as their names are called to "come on down!" I told him about when the Glee Club went to the Price is Right over Spring Break, I believe it was, because they were on tour in California. Anyway, in that episode, after a commercial break (after the first showcase showdown thingy, or whatever it's called) they sang the Fight Song and then as they were going back to their seats the announcer called the next name, and it was someone from the Glee Club. They hadn't even finished sitting down yet, so it was funny. Anyway. So then a little while later, as Tom and I are still watching, they come back from a commercial and it's the Glee Club singing! I was like, dude no way. It's so weird. It was that episode that was on! I hadn't really seen the first half when I saw that episode the first time, not that I probably would have remembered anyway, but yeah. What are the odds of that? Weird stuff. But funny too. And a little cool. Ok I'm done now.
2:06am: Just really quick...
I just went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face and whatnot before going to bed, and Blakie went in with me, and at one point she decided to jump into the tub which was out of sight due to the shower curtain being pulled shut as it normally is. A few minutes later, I realized she was still in there. Hoping I wouldn't pull back the shower curtain to see her peeing or pooping in there (hey, I wouldn't put it past her, and it is pretty close to the litterbox that's in that bathroom), I peeked in to find her just...sitting there. Doing nothing. Just sitting. I replaced the curtain as it was, but then looked again just to see I guess, and indeed she was still just sitting there, looking at me. The second time, she let out a little "Meow?" like she wanted to know what I was doing. And then I realized she was purring. And I could hear her purring after I turned off the light and left the bathroom. It was just very very odd. But she's an odd cat. And she's getting old. Maybe she's getting a tad bit senile?

On another note, I apparently got more sunburned than I thought, especially considering how fairly short a time I was in the sun today. Mostly just at the festival, since it was cloudy most of the game. Stupid me and my easily sunburned skin.
1:10am: Weird yearnings
I just got this...craving, so to speak, of being up late at night (or waking up early in the morning?) on a cold snowy December day. Perhaps Christmas. But there's just something unspeakably wonderful about that cool crispness and comfort that only happens during the (pre, I guess) Christmas season, and when it's early in the morning before the sun's really up, or late at night, when it's snowing or when there's fresh snow on the ground, there's a quiet that you can't get any other time. Hopefully I get that at least once this year, hopefully we have a cold and snowy December.

13th August 2006

11:47pm: Priceless
7 tickets to a Sunday afternoon Sky Sox baseball game (at military discount): $30 or something

Hot dogs: 25 cents each

Sodas: $4 each

Creepy guys who couldn't speak English, and who refused to move down even one seat even though there were at least three empty ones on their other side, and who then kicked Jason in the head when jumping over their seats to get a stupid free t-shirt one of us should have gotten: annoying

Being one of only a handful of people to sit in our seats and wait out the rain, and in the process getting soaked on one side of my body, but laughing about it all with my whole family: priceless

Yeah, so it's obvious I'm never going to write one of those commercials. But seriously, it was tons of fun going to the game with my family today. The game didn't get stopped or postponed due to rain, but it did rain on us a bit, and by the end I looked like I had peed my pants because only half of my body wasn't under the umbrella very well, so one leg was semi-dry and the other was soaked. Including my butt. Yeah, lovely. But it was tons of fun. Of course, the Sky Sox lost 8-3, but I'm pretty sure they lose almost every time I go to a game. Oh well. And earlier in the day, we had gone to the 9:30 Mass, during which and afterward I saw quite a few people I hadn't seen in awhile. It was weird. And the Elas were there, apparently they came up here for the weekend from Alburquerque. We knew them from Marriage Encounter and possibly the homeschool group? but then they moved (Air Force family), and yeah. So that was kind of cool. And the Parish festival, or anyway the main part of it now, was going on this morning too, so we went and got some food down there, and talked and stuff. So yeah. Good times. That was my Sunday. (Cause that's my fun day.)
7:37pm: No, you suggested RelaxiCab. That's no good.
So, I just read an article about how the new restrictions for airline passengers might be "here to stay" for awhile, and it said something about lipstick. That was the first time I realized that I can't take chapstick on a freaking plane anymore! I'm ADDICTED to my chapstick. I can't go more than a couple hours without putting more on. I absolutely loathe having dry lips. Man. Stupid terrorists. It wouldn't be TOO terrible if it weren't for the fact that I don't think either of the flights (to or from LaGuardia) are non stop. So that means like hours without chapstick, instead of just the maybe three or four that I'd have to go without it with a nonstop flight. Ok, well I guess it'd be more like five. But still. Sigh. Well, I guess I'll survive. Maybe I can buy some in Chicago or wherever our layover is. If I'm already through security, then they won't know, right? Unless they stop selling it. Well anyway. Stupid terrorists. That's all I have to say.

Man, I am so impatient for football season to start. Crazy for me to say, I know. But yeah. ND football. Doesn't get better than that, really. Sept 2. Of course, I'll be at a wedding reception, but the game doesn't start until 8pm that night, and the reception starts at 5...hehe yeah I probably shouldn't cut out early just for the first game of the season...I'll definitely be setting up the timer on my VCR before we leave, though. Man. I can't believe I'm missing out on six of the seven home games. Sigh. There's nothing like a Notre Dame home football game. I highly recommend it. (Hey, we have an extra ticket to the North Carolina game if anyone wants to go!)

At the Herald awhile ago, Cathy and I were discussing how we like the English spelling of a lot of words better than the American spelling. It's definitely true. Like adding the "u" in things like color and favorite and whatnot. I don't remember what she said she liked better, but I like a lot of them better with the British spelling.

Ok, so in today's edition of Parade Magazine, there was some article on college students staying healthy, and what vaccinations college students should have. One of them was for girls to get, a vaccine for HPV. The doctor dude who wrote the article said that he recommends girls get it before they become sexually active, so like age 11 or 12. 11 or 12!. I mean, sure that's before most people become sexually active, but it seems like if you get it at like 14 or something it'd be too late. Geez. And you know, I have a better idea for not getting HPV than getting a vaccine for it. Don't have sex! I know, crazy idea. Especially for us college students. Raging hormones and all. Experimentation. All that crap. College students can't be expected to have, you know, morals or self-control or anything like that. (Ok, I know that a lot of people--a LOT of people--don't feel the same as I do regarding things like premarital sex. But maybe they should.)

I'm terrible at praying. Really, truly terrible. It's bad. I really have to get better. I don't dedicate the time I should to prayer. And I wonder why I can't more easily figure out what God wants me to do? Sometimes it's kind of like that joke about the guy in the flood, sitting on his roof praying to God to save him, and in trusting that God would save him he passed up help from people in a boat, rescuers, and other various means of being saved. And dies. And asks God why God didn't save him, to which God replies "I sent you a boat, a helicopter..." Yeah. And man, I really miss going to daily Mass. I haven't gone at all since...I think since starting the internship. I could go to the 8am, but I have enough trouble waking up to get somewhere by 9am as it is. Maybe I can go more often once school starts.

Ok, one more thing. (Have I always had such random blogs like I've been doing lately? I guess I've probably always been doing this.) So, this is probably going to come off horribly, but I've known too many people who have become pregnant while on (I assume) birth control. Kinda like what I mentioned the other day. I mean, I guess everyone that I know of who's had a baby or whatever hasn't necessarily been using birth control, or anything, but still. And I guess there's also plenty who have been using birth control with no pregnancy to speak of, but still. Eh whatever. Guess it doesn't matter, or it's not important, or something...but it kind of does, and it kind of is.

Anyway, I suppose I should end this before it turns into much more of a rant.
5:56pm: Oh, the English language
Teacher: Class, it's an interesting linguistic fact that, in English, a double negative forms a positive. In some languages though, such as Russian, a double negative is still a negative. However, there is no language in which a double positive can form a negative.

Student: Yeah, right.
12:37am: Remember him?
For some reason, I was reminded tonight of Roald Dahl, which reminded me of The BFG. Did any of you read that? We read it in class in 5th grade, one of the ones we read out loud a portion each day. I don't remember too well what other books we read (perhaps A Wrinkle in Time, maybe?) but I remember that one. I should read it again sometimes. Good stuff.

Apparently there's all sorts of things you can do with your firefox to more personalize it, and make it easier, and stuff. I tend to shy away from customizing things for some reason. Not really sure why. I have to be sure it'll be good, or work well, I guess. But anyway, yeah apparently you can set up like a reminder thing, for like birthdays and anniversaries and appointments and whatnot. And you can change the theme of your firefox, so that it's not just the boring regular settings for colors and whatnot. Maybe I'll change at some point. We'll see. Speaking of books, from the admittedly small amount of Silas Marner that I've read thus far, it would appear that George Eliot is in love with commas. It's not necessarily a knock, just an observation. We'll see how the rest of the book goes.

12th August 2006

11:24pm: 55 things about...ME!!!

1)How old do you wish you were?
eleventy-one years old. Ok maybe that's not true.

2) Where were you when 9/11 happened?
On my way to/at school. Sophomore year. First heard about it second period, when no one really knew what all had happened yet, but we were unable to watch any TV about it (which annoyed me), and then third period I heard more (from the lucky ones who knew what was going on because their teachers let them watch TV).

3) What do you do when vending machines steal your money?
If it's happened, probably nothing. It'll bug me, but I don't want to be the person who complains about it to someone I guess.

4) Do you consider yourself kind?

5) If you had to get a tattoo, where would it be?
Don't think I'd get one. Maybe right in the middle of my forehead, or on my nose. haha. Seriously, if I had to get one, probably somewhere cliche like my shoulder or hip or something. Eh.

6) If you could be fluent in any other language, what would it be?
Latin. haha. I guess it could be nice if my French or Spanish was strong enough for me to be considered fluent.

7) Do you know your neighbors?
Some of them. Some of them don't like us, and some of them are quite pretty awesome.

8) What do you consider a vacation?
Hm...I guess going somewhere you want to go for fun...all I know is I don't really take vacations pretty much ever. Oh, except camping. And I'm ok with that.

9) Do you follow your horoscope?
yeah most definitely not.

10) Would you move for the person you loved?
Hm...right now, since I'm not in that situation, I can say no I wouldn't, but I don't know. I'm so very attached to and love my family and my city and my state, but...yeah I don't know.

11) Are you touchy feely?
Not really in general. Only with people I really really like (and in a non-creepy way, of course).

12) Do you believe that opposites attract?
I think they can. It all depends on...stuff.

13) Dream job?
To be honest? Stay at home mom with a passel of kids. Or even just a few. Perhaps with a side job writing...something.

14) Favorite channel(s)?
I'm guessing this is more aimed at people with cable, so I can't really answer. Especially since the stuff I watch on regular channels aren't all on a specific one.

15) Favorite place to go on weekends?

16) Showers or Baths?
Showers. Maybe an occasional bath, but only if the tub is long enough so that I can be fully immersed and not have to have either my upper body or my legs out of the water.

17) Do you paint your nails?
Occasionally, but honestly pretty rarely. Too much work, and then they chip like two minutes later. I'm not girly enough for it I guess.

18) Do you trust people easily?
Yeah, not so much really.

19) What are your phobias?
Heights and spiders.

20) Do you want kids?
See #13 (in other words, most definitely).

21) Do you keep a handwritten journal?
Yes, but usually the typing kind wins out. I love typing.

22) Where would you rather be right now?
Hm...out in a field somewhere, away from lights, so that I could watch the meteor shower going on this weekend (unless it's cloudy tonight, which it might still be).

23) Who makes you feel warm and fuzzy?
Kebbie, my dog. (haha, does that make me sad?)

24) Heavy or light sleeper?
You know, I'm not sure. I guess it depends on stuff. Sometimes I'm light, but I think other times I'm heavy.

25) Are you paranoid?
I'd say so.

26) Are you impatient?
Haha no never, especially not when it comes to people walking or driving in front of me going WAY TOO SLOWLY. Yeah, not impatient at all.

27) If today was your last day on earth, how would you feel?
Sad at the experiences of life that I have yet to experience that I'd still like to, and sad at leaving family and friends and whatnot, but probably more than a little relieved at being able to go to my (all of our) next home. Although I'd also be worried because I haven't been to confession in a bit too long--but then, if I did know it was my last day, I could easily arrange to have that done. (I really should anyway, huh?)

28) How do you feel about interracial couples?
Um...the same as I feel about any other couple. (Well, ok, to be honest any other couple that's heterosexual. Sorry.)

29) Have you been burned by love?
nope (I guess that's one benefit of being in my shoes).

30) Whats your favorite pick up line?
Hm...maybe this: You've got stunning scapular-brown eyes. haha. Or any of these: http://www.envoymagazine.com/topten/index.htm

31) What's your main ringtone on your mobile?
Apparently it's called "Starry." Crazy, I know, but I have never spent money on a customized ringtone that I have to pay for. Just go with the crappy ones that come with the phone. (Although, I did find one recently that's from a "make your cell phone Catholic" website I found, and it has the song "All Glory, Laud, and Honor" which I love. Might eventually splurge on that. Who knows.)

32) What were you doing at midnight last night?
Hmmmm...I think I was doing something on the computer, and watching Conan or something. Boring, I know.

33) What did the last text on your cellphone say?
"I'm cool with going to t-town, why don't you think we can't make it by 7:30?" It's from July 9, from my brother, about when we were going to see Pirates 2. Haven't gotten a text in awhile, apparently.

34) Whose bed did you sleep in last night?
Your mom's. haha. ew. yeah that'd be mine

35) What color shirt are you wearing?
Translucent. haha again. Seriously though, it's black. Very exciting.

36) Most recent movie you watched?
I think the last movie I watched (not in the theater) was Lonesome Dove. A bit long, but I think I'd recommend it.

37) Name three things you have on you at all times?
Well this would be hard to answer if I counted being in the shower (if I did count the shower, I'd have to say hair, skin, and...fingernails). Aside from that, I guess I always have clothes on, I pretty much always have chapstick on, and unless I'm sleeping (or I forget) I always have my chastity ring and my necklace on. Ok so maybe that's cheating, since I don't have those on at night. I pretty much always have a hairband on, either in my hair or on my wrist. There.

38.) What color are your bed sheets?
Purple-y with flowers (so some green and...a few other colors).

39) How much cash do you have on you right now?
Zip. Barely any change, even. I wouldn't be a very good target for someone to steal my purse, because there's very little in the way of anything valuable in there.

40) What is your favorite part of the chicken?
Depends on what form it takes. I guess the chicken strip part. haha. That, or the...eh any of it I guess.

41) What's your favorite town/city?
Colorado Springs. Well, if I'm honest, I might have to say Estes Park.

42) I can't wait till:
I get married. haha sorry. On a lesser scale, I can't wait till the start of ND football, and especially until I get to go to the ND game at ND!

43) What did you have for dinner last night?
Man, I'm supposed to remember that long ago? Hm...oh yeah, I didn't really have dinner last night. Had a hot pocket and then some cereal after I got back from work, at like 10:30-11ish...

44) How tall are you barefoot?
5'10 I guess

45) Do you own a gun?
Tons. Oh wait, that's gum. Guns, zero. haha I'm so funny. Not.

46) What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
Vodka, straight up. Or maybe coffee.

47) What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
Well, clearly whatever it is hasn't been working. :-P

48) Where do you think you'll be in 10 yrs?
Hopefully married with a few kids, and hopefully at least somewhere in Colorado.

49) Last thing you ate?
A yummalicious Mommy-made calzone. Oh wait, no the last thing was a marble cake with chocolate frosting and like strawberry or raspberry topping stuff, along with some cookie dough ice cream. (We celebrated my Dad's birthday tonight.)

50) What songs do you sing in the shower?
If I do sing in the shower, I only sing songs that are on the radio at that moment. And only some of them, if they move me. hehe.

51) Last thing that made you laugh?
Perhaps something on Saturday Night Live, if there was any skit on tonight funny enough to elicit a laugh from me.

52) Worst injury you've ever had?
I've never really had a bad injury (knock on wood). The first thing that comes to mind right now is in 6th grade, I burned my arm on an oven rack. Or there was the time I dropped a bucket on my toe which eventually caused the nail to come off...seems like there might have been something worse than that, but I can't really think of anything.

53) Does someone have a crush on you?
Seriousl doubt it.

54) What's your favorite candy?
Ooh that's a tough one. Something with caramel or almond (hersheys with almonds rock, as do twix and milky ways...). I'm not too picky with my candy, though, honestly. Red Vines ALWAYS rock. And salt water taffy. Man I love candy way too much.

55) What song do you want played at your funeral?
Something good and Catholic. Maybe Ave Maria. I don't know. Haven't really thought about it.

12:41am: How'd it get so late?
So I officially have to accept that there's no more weekly solemn Masses in town anymore. http://catholicinformation.wordpress.com/2006/08/08/solemn-mass-bleg/#comments. The guy who owns that store, and runs the blog, was in the choir that sang at the St Gabriel solemn Mass. So that's just terribly depressing. But, apparently Colorado Springs isn't the only place that's bad at having traditional, Latin-using NO Masses. Which isn't really a good thing, because that just means that it's far far too rare to get one of these Masses on a weekly basis. Why why why aren't there more available? It's how NO Masses are supposed to be celebrated. :-(. I really really want to go check out Holy Ghost sometime. Hm, you think if I were to work at 2:30 on a Sunday, I'd be able to make it from a 10 or 10:30 Mass in Denver in time? Yeah I definitely think so. I mean, according to the schedule on their website, they have a noon Mass too, so the Latin one can't be more than an hour or hour and a half, so if I left by twelve, I'd definitely be able to make it back down here in 2.5 hours. I mean, on a Sunday early afternoon I'd probably be able to get back down in maybe hour and a half. I guess it depends. Either way though. So I should really look into doing that.

Tonight after work, I noticed a lovely big storm (haha I just spelled it "storem" for some reason. hehe that makes me laugh) to the south and east of us. Some awesome lightning. And when I got out of my car once I got home, I was looking up at the edge of the cloud (as the big storm cloud was the only one in the sky, so right above us and north and west of us it was pretty clear) and saw a shooting star right as I looked up! It was pretty cool. So anyway, I had planned on sitting outside and watching the lightning for awhile, but Cathy and Jason were here so I got distracted by the amazingly cute fun-ness that is my nephew. He was so energetic and happy tonight, it was so much fun to watch him and spend time with him. But after probably half an hour, I went outside again to see if it was still storming, and it was, so Peter and I decided to walk to the greenway across the street (behind the houses across the street from us) because there's a section of the trail that goes up a hill and you can see a lot of the city south and a bit east of us from there, with minimal tree interference. So we stood and watched the great light show for probably 20 or 30 minutes. I could have watched that all night, man. It was amazing. Some really really awesome lightning. So funny to think about how terrified I used to be of any lightning anywhere, and now I could watch it all night long. Great stuff.

God is there in moments of rest and can give us in a single instant exactly what we need.
– Bl. Edith Stein

(There's a random, but pretty good, quote for you all to enjoy. I know I did.)

King of Hill is kind of funny. I very rarely watch it, but it can usually give me a good laugh or two.

I went to Hooked on Books (used book store I go to occasionally) today to look for some of the books I need for my classes. I wasn't very hopeful as I haven't been overly impressed with them my last few visits there, but I figured it was worth a shot. And at first, it seemed like my intial feelings were going to be validated. I found one book, out of the like ten I need, or even out of the six I was looking for for my lit class. And then I went over to their history section, which was very confusing and seemed haphazardly put together, and I noticed that on the back wall there was a section labelled "Classics" or something like that. I hadn't known they had a separate classic section, but it made sense considering I hadn't even been able to find Twain anywhere, and that's just wrong in a bookstore. You gotta have Twain. Anyway. I managed to find  a couple other books I needed (only the lit class ones), and for slightly less than I would have paid at half.com, but mostly only when adding in the shipping charge for each book. But still. I got pretty excited when in that classics section, and all of a sudden got this urge to buy all sorts of books. Which is weird for me because I tend not to like buying books. But I did buy one "impulse" buy. $2.50. Silas Marner. A story I know mostly because of that wonderful wonderful PBS series, Wishbone. Ah, Wishbone. Good stuff. Anyway though. So then I came home and bought the rest on half.com, and while it kind of sucked because the shipping charge basically doubled the price of the books total, it was still cheaper that way than it would have any other way, I think. And really, the total for all my books was like $70ish, including that shipping charge, so really I can't complain too much about that. So anyway. (I would like to say that I still am not a huge fan of Hooked on Books, if only because their store layout confuses me. It all just seems so jumbled and haphazard--word of thee day I guess--and even disorganized. But I guess they have to maximize the fairly limited space they have, so yeah. Oh well.)

I was the top seller at work today. When I got there, Michael--who had been in since 1, and it was then 5:30--had yet to sell anything. There had been a total of like $55 worth of sales for the entire day. And then we had a few people come in and buy stuff, two couples right after each other who bought three accessories (since we're having our buy two get one free sale) each. Technically, both those sales were Michael's since he had helped them both, but in that case it was kind of luck of the draw because around that time we had quite a few people stop in. I just happened to help the ones who didn't buy anything, while he got two who did. So anyway, he was nice and gave me one of them since the likelihood of another sale was slim (even though it was only like 7:30). In the end, we did have one more customer who bought a jacket about 15 minutes before closing, and that was my sale, so yeah. But, ha, the really slightly irritating thing about that one was she paid with a check. Up until then, all day no one had paid with check or cash, which meant there wouldn't be anything to deposit after we closed. Not that depositing takes up all that much time, but still. So then here she comes fifteen minutes before closing and pays with a check, so we had to go deposit it and whatnot. Oh well.

man I'm tired. I really need to sleep. So I guess that's where I'll head right about now.

11th August 2006

12:57pm: Great expectations!
For a few days now, this book has come up in conversation or whatnot (meaning I've mentioned it in regard to something), but for the life of me I haven't been able to remember the name. I just saw someone mention it in a messageboard, and as I had forgotten to look it up earlier, I am now happily relieved to once again know the name of this Dickens book.

That said, it's a horrible story. At least, it was in 7th grade and I refuse to pick it up again so for the time being, a horrible story it shall stay.

And completely unrelated, I didn't mention the terrorist thing yesterday. Of course, I guess I really didn't mention much yesterday as I was barely online all day (or even at night!)--highly unusual for this connected girl. But anyway, so yeah that whole terrorist plot got thwarted. Hopefully completely. But now we have to deal with no liquid or gel in our carryons, for...however long. Yesterday I thought this kind of sucked (although more in a "How inconvenient, stupid terrorists for ruining everything" kind of way. For some reason it didn't even hit me that not being allowed to take things like shampoo, toothpaste, etc means that if I'm taking a plane and I'll only be gone a weekend, whereas in the past I would just do a carryon and not have to mess with checking bags, I no longer can do that. Unless I plan on using someone else's toiletries and whatnot once I get where I'm going. So now it's upped the inconvenience level a tad. Oh well, I guess, though. Of course, the two trips I have planned in the rest of the year are both ones in which I probably would have just done carryon...And I would guess that this current ban isn't really just a temporary thing. Oh well. Could be worse. I guess I'd rather have to spend more time by checking bags and then waiting for them to come off the plane than, oh I don't know, get blown up mid-air.

And yet another unrelated topic. The other night, I was driving home from work and flipped the radio station to the one that carries Delilah every night. She was talking to some woman about musical talents and whatnot (I missed the beginning of this conversation so I'm not sure how it got there, but it doesnt' matter anyway). Then Delilah asked, "So who are you calling about tonight?" to which the woman replied "I'd like to request a song for my partner of nine years. She's such a wonderful woman--" and went on about her. It was clear (to me, anyway) that this wasn't some business partner. Delilah just went along with it and said "So is she musically inclined like you?" or something like that, and they chitchatted, and she played a song. Anyway. It was just kind of weird. I guess it shouldn't be.

Someone posted a link to this today, so I thought I might pass it along to anyone who's interested. http://www.letssaythanks.com/Home.html You can send free thank you postcards to soldiers overseas. Takes like two seconds. So there you go.
12:36am: Hypocrite
Sometimes I feel like I really shouldn't discuss my faith at all. Sometimes I think that I should just leave it all alone and not go into why I believe what I believe, why the church teaches what it does. I am so far from a good Catholic. It's like I shouldn't be doing anything related to apologetics at all. But then, if everyone thought that way, then no one would ever be able to spread the faith and whatnot. And that's not good either. But man, I don't know. And then when I do say anything about anything, I worry that I have it all wrong and I'm doing more harm than good. It's really too bad I have no confidence whatsoever.

I was going to write more tonight, but (and I'm sure this will make you all oh-so-sad), I'm too tired and need to go to sleep. Alas.

9th August 2006

10:25pm: Just biding my time...
It's true, folks. I am just biding my time. But until what, you'll just have to wait and find out. Mwahaha!

So, I got gas in my car yesterday because there's all the talk of prices going up lots soon. I was getting close to empty anyway, so it wasn't a huge inconvenience or anything. I got it for 2.94, at the cheap place I've been going pretty much all summer. It had been 2.96 a day or two before that, after going up from 2.88 in just like a day. Drove past it today, and yep it's 2.92 now. Oh well. It's still way cheaper than anything else I've seen around here, so i can't complain. A lot of places are 3.08, some 2.99. Why people would pay those when they can get 2.94 (2.92 now), I don't understand. Oh well. More for me.

Today on my way from Katies to work, I was next to someone at a stop light who was smoking in her car. I always hate that, especially in summer when windows are open and it's worse, but the thing that really got me was the fact that she had a baby in the backseat of her car. Windows all open and stuff, but still. Ugh.

Hey guess what? We definitely got tickets to the Air Force Notre Dame game! Sweet! At least I'll get to see two games in person this year.

Man, I really really want to go to that church in Denver. I really don't want to have to drive like an hour and a half to get there, but...it'd be a pretty good payoff, I think. Good reward. Whatever you want to call it. I really want to go. One of these weeks.

Ewwwwwwww I just killed this HUGE spider. Uck. So disgusting. Very very disgusting. I think it was a wolf spider. So gross. Shudder.

You know, I don't put enough faith in people doing favors for others. Maybe it's because I'm a selfish b--ch or something, and maybe deep down I think that I wouldn't do stuff for people that I'm asking people to do for me, but I don't know. (I don't really think that I wouldn't do stuff for people, just to clarify. Not normally anyway.) But people sometimes surprise me, in a good way. I guess it'd be hard for people to surprise me in a bad way, because...well, I'm cynical. Oh well.

Know what's...weird? At work, we have a line of Nascar jackets, right? Mostly Dale Earnhardt (sorry if I spelled that wrong), Jr and Sr, Jeff Gordon, and one other. I know Michael said we have four, and those are the four drivers we're going to be carrying. Anyway. Tonight, I noticed a jacket that I hoped was new because otherwise I've just been really out of it. Luckily, it is. Know what it is? It's a Ricky Bobby #26 Talladega Nights jacket. Would people actually buy a Nascar leather jacket of a fake driver? People barely buy the real guys. Eh I don't know.

So I found out something rather interesting today. After Katies, since it was only a little after four and I had an hour and a half before I had to be at work, I went to the Barnes and Noble by the Chapel Hills and then since that didn't kill enough time, to Borders at the mall. While in Borders (which I've decided I like quite a bit better than Barnes and Noble in general, as I tend to be disappointed with the latter's selection a lot of the time), I was browsing in the religion section. I happened to see a book, The Bad Catholic's Guide to Good Living, which I've heard about before. So I was flipping through it and realized that it's got different stuff based on dates. I guess mostly feast days and whatnot. So I went to my birthday, which had an entry because it's the feast of the Triumph of the Cross. To my surprise, it started talking about how we owe that day to St. Helena, because she was determined to find the relics of the True Cross during her life. And she did. Or some of them, or something, anyway. Now, the reason I find this interesting and cool is that I only just heard about St. Helena a few days ago, when I saw a book called Helena by Evelyn Waugh on amazon.com. A book which I'd like to read, and which I looked for at both book stores today but neither had it (nor does the library). So yeah. Now I want to read it even more. Anyway. It was just cool to see.

Tommy Lee Jones is pretty bad-ass. I dare you to argue with that.

I have boy handwriting, apparently. How sad. I guess I've just never cared enough to spend the time it takes to make my handwriting all girly-looking. When I write cursive I guess it's more...feminine. I just have messy handwriting, and I guess that's just the way it is.

Tomorrow's Thursday. After that, Friday. Probably Herald-ing on Friday, and working 5:30-9:30 again. Saturday I switched shifts with someone so that instead of working 5:30-9:30, I'm working 1-5 and thus I can go to a Sky Sox game with the rest of my family. Like, all of us. So that's pretty nice. Sunday is the Parish festival, well technically I guess it's going on all weekend but that's a fairly recent development. The real festival, the thing we've done for the past however many years, is on Sunday. Well, not including the outdoor Mass which used to happen on Sunday morning but now I guess they just do one on Friday evening which is weird. I don't like people messing with my traditions. Although, truth be told, it is kind of weird having a Mass outside. Not to mention the fact that really, I don't think it's 100% kosher, so to speak. Oh well. Anyway. Monday Peter's leaving. He has to be in Denver at like 1:30 or something, which I just found out today. Not sure why he does, as he's not leaving until Tuesday morning, but yeah. Sigh. It's so weird. And every day hearing about another soldier who got killed doesn't help things for any of us. :-/

Well, I need to head off to bed. It's quite late. (Don't let the timestamp on this fool you...that's the time I started this post, and it's definitely past that time now.) I don't know why, if I love sleeping in my bed so much, I always refuse to go to bed at a reasonable hour. And really, without any good reason whatsoever. Well, I did have to finish a movie that I have to bring back to the library tomorrow, so I guess that's a partially good reason, except for the fact that I finished it probably well over....hm ick, almost two hours ago. And I started it late. Well, started it in that I turned it back on to where I had left off. Anyway. Either way, it's far too late now and I really need to go to sleep.
11:15am: Oh, 5/30 News
So, I have the news on at the moment. For no real reason. Every day (Wednesday? not sure) they have a weather quiz that they show before the weather, and reveal the answer after the weather. Well, the one today is something like "The life of a typical cumulous [i think] cloud is ___ minutes." The answers, listed a-d, have numbers followed by the word minutes. That's slightly redundant, because if you insert the answer into the original question, you'll have the word "minutes" twice, one right after another. So that was a little funny. And then when they showed the answer, everything else disappeared and they just had the correct line bigger. Only, it changed from being "c) 10-15 Minutes" to being "3.) 10-15 Minutes", even though it had been a-d before, not 1-4. Anyway. It just amused me. And I know, probably no one really would notice that and it's pointless even putting it in here, but I felt like it. So there.
11:10am: Good try, SI, but not quite
5th? 5th? What were they thinking? Come on, everyone knows ND's fight song. Psh. What crap.

(found this here: http://proecclesia.blogspot.com/2006/08/sports-illustrated-whos-got-best-fight.html. a good blog, by the way.)
12:44am: Maybe I should move to Denver (shudder)
Now THAT is what a church should be. Man. And here's what makes me especially happy: http://www.holyghostchurch.info/about_holyghost/music.html
Look at that! Latin used during Mass! What a novel and crazy idea!

I really think a trip up to Denver one of these weeks is in order...
12:25am: Happy birthday Daddy!
48 years ago today, my wonderful father was born. He's such a great dad, a great man. He's just great. Happy birthday, Dad, I hope you have an awesome and excellent day!

8th August 2006

11:51pm: The ABCs of Susie!
Accent: Nope. Us real Coloradans don't have accents. Boo-yah. (But I do say milk weird.)

Booze: Ugh, no thank you. haha. Although pina coladas are pretty good.

Chore I hate: Things that involve animal poop. Or toilets. Which are kind of similar in nature, I guess.

Dogs/Cats: One dog, my baby, Kebbie (a 12 year old puppy), and two cats (who Dad HATES)--Blakie (yeah, should be "Blackie" technically, but my sister couldn't spell when we got her), and the Fat One, Colt (more commonly known as Chicken, or "lee-u key"--"little kitty" in my dad's weird animal voice)

Essential electronics: Laptop, which I think I should name, and cell phone. Maybe MP3 if I had one, but I don't, alas.

Favourite perfume: I think I can count the number of times a  year I bother with any type of perfume or body spray on my two hands. In other words, I barely even have a hated scent, let alone a favorite.

Gold/Silver: I prefer silver jewelry, but gold is...gold. Maybe my compromise should be white gold.

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Insomnia: Aside from the self-induced insomnia, nope.

Job title: Student, sales associate, editorial intern.

Kids: Not yet, but hopefully someday in the not too too distant future

Living arrangements: With my parents and brother (although not him for too much longer) in a lovely 3 story house

Most admired trait: In myself? Um...my ability to make decisions. Oh, haha, that is so funny! Seriously I'd say...yeah I don't know. In others, the ability to make decisions. haha.

Number of sexual partners: Zip, zero, nada. But I only plan on having one.

Overnight Hospital Stays: As far as I know, none. Heck, I've never even been in the hospital for a non-overnight stay. (knock on wood.) Oh, except that one thing when I was a baby, which really doesn't count.

Phobia: Spiders and heights. shudder.

Quote: Well, quote that I say: "I can't decide." Quotes from other people, well those change like my mind. haha.

Religion: Catholic all the way, baby.

Siblings: Older brother, older sister, younger brother, brother in law.

Time I usually wake up: For the last month or month and a half it's been out of bed by 8.

Unusual talent: Hm...I can cross one eye at a time. And stare at people without laughing long enough that it makes everyone uncomfortable. which is sweet. Yeah, I'm pretty un-talented.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Hm...I'm not a huge fan of asperagus, or cooked spinach. Or peppers, if those count.

Worst habit: Procrastinating.

X-rays: None. Oh, I guess I did get one in 6th grade for my toe, and they never even called with the results.

Yummy foods I make: uh...yeah...um...I dunno

Zodiac sign: I'm Virgo-licious
10:59pm: Ohhhhh yeahhhhhh

Know what skit I miss on SNL? Well, one of the more recent ones, as there's quite a few from the Will Ferrell/Ana Gasteyer/Molly Shannon/Cheri Oteri days that I miss. But the other one, it's the Wake Up, Wakefield skit. Jimmy Fallon, Maya Rudolph, and...oh geez I'm forgetting her name, the girl who plays boys a lot, or very unattractive people...yeah. Anyway. It was funny. I just like Maya Rudolph's awkwardness in that skit. hehe.

Last night after work I very much wanted to stop and get a hot fudge brownie blast. But I stayed strong, and didn't. Of course, I got one tonight, but hey at least that's one extra day I went without having one. Man I'm making it sound like I'm addicted or something. I swear I'm not. They're just sooooo amazing. Mmmmmm. I know I shouldn't have gotten one, but...they're just so good! And they get extra props for having a commercial that makes me laugh. "Can I have a bite?" "Yeah! This one I had already planed on eating, so...This one is, um, it just doesn't feel right...This one's not really a representative sample...Now this one is a perfect sample of the hot fudge brownie blast. Got a little of everything. So that's for me." haha. Great stuff.

Also last night, at work, we were pretty slow so I was looking around at stuff. Remember those clogs I got two weeks ago? Well, there's six pairs of those left, and they're all brown or black. Earlier, I had just seen the XLs of the tan and since I didn't feel like going through looking for XLs in the other colors, I just got the tan since I figured those would go well with a lot of stuff. Well, now that there's only six pairs left, there's not a whole lot of "looking through" to do. I noticed that two of the pairs looked on the larger side, so I checked and indeed, there were two XLs. One in black and one in brown. I got more excited than I should have (and still am), because I'm totally going to buy them. I mean, they're $6! You can't beat that. And I love the ones I have. Love love love em. So now I'll have more color! Unless, of course, someone at work today decided to put them back or something despite the hold tag I have on them...Don't know why they would have, so yeah. Anyway.

I watched last night's Treasure Hunters this afternoon. Good stuff. Air Force got the thing first, again. Haha (and this is sad, and I don't know why I'm admitting it, but--) I almost wanted them to get eliminated last night, if only to save me from the tension next week. Man I hope they win. Haha. obviously. I'm such a loser. oh well. What are you gonna do.

So, last night I was sitting on the couch watching TV at like 11:15, even though I was tired and should have gone to bed--I did have plans to go to bed actually, like next commercial break or something--and then next thing I know, Home Improvement is on and it's almost 12:40. I was very discombobulated, and realized I just very much had to get to bed. So that's what I did. It was weird though. I guess I just really need to start getting more sleep. It's always so very hard for me to get up in the morning. I really argue with myself a lot, from the minute my phone alarm first goes off to the minute I finally make myself get out of bed--usually later than I should. Anyway. That was weird.

Yesterday at lunch, Cathy and I got to talking about high school. I guess I think about it fairly often since when I go to the Herald, it's right there where we went to school and whatnot. Man sometimes I really miss those days. I mean, there were bad things about it, and I wouldn't want to be stuck in high school forever obviously, but sometimes I just miss them. The people, the classes (not necessarily the work though), the teachers, all of it. Good times. Although, as we were discussing, it's more junior and senior years that were good and easier to remember. Freshman year is barely there at all, and almost seems removed from the rest of it for some reason. Anyway. Even if that age is gone and past, I'm glad I can remember high school fondly instead of never wanting to think of it again.

I went to Walgreens tonight to get some toilettries and other personal care items. I particularly needed body wash, as I am all but out and that's kind of an important thing in a shower. So anyway, yeah. I managed to get shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, and body wash--all the same brand--all for $1 each. Pretty sweet. I'm a fan of $1 things. Unless it's candy, and then it's not as exciting (unless it's like a big bag of candy or something). Anyway, I paid for it all myself. I'm attempting to wean myself from my parents paying for lots of stuff from me. Of course, it's more or less mostly impossible for me to pay all my bills and expenses on the money I'm currently making ($7 an hour, usually 20 hours or less a week), but hey, every little bit counts. Plus, it'll help me not buy so much frivolous stuff. Because, you know, I'm notorious for buying lots of random stupid frivolous things. My problem tends to be buying too much at one time, honestly. If i'm going to splurge and buy one thing, sometimes I just get in a...thing, and end up buying more than one thing. Of course, usually it's a few things I've wanted for quite awhile, but still. Anyway. Ok I'm done now.

I had Pita Pit for lunch today. Twas muy delicioso. (Ok, I have no idea how to spell that, despite taking three semesters of Spanish. No one said I retained any of it.) I quite enjoy Pita Pit, even if I do feel horrible paying for it. It's so expensive. Eating out is expensive. you'd think I'd be more willing to like bring lunch, seeing as how much I hate paying for it. But it's just too much work some mornings. Sigh. Hm I wonder what I'm going to do this semester on Tuesdays and Thursdays...I'll probably just stay on campus all day, so...hm. Not sure.

I looked at what books I'm going to need this semester. If I were to get them all for ticket price, it'd be almost $200. But thanks to half.com, I can get all but two of them (the Latin books) for a little more than $70, including shipping. Which is kind of crappy, the shipping, because that like doubles the price. I guess tomorrow I might go check out like Hooked on Books or something, but I haven't had a whole lot of success doing that in the past. We'll see I guess. I don't have anything else to do tomorrow, until 5 when I have to go to work anyway.

I want winter to come. I'm sick of heat.

So, I happened to check the Catholic Herald blog yesterday, and there was an entry about the deplorable lack of solemn Masses in this city. And in the comments, someone verified that apparently the St. Gabriel solemn Mass, that one I loved going to, has indeed been cancelled. It's just so sad. And I still think it's incredibly unfair to those of us who long for something more than the same old same old barely-anything-special-or-very-Catholic-about-it-Mass. Aside from, of course, consecration and Eucharist. And yet, for all this complaining I do about the lack of spectacularly traditional Masses (complete with chants, Latin, and incense--oh, incense), what have I done about it? I'm not entirely sure what I could do about it, but I suppose starting by maybe talking to Fr. Paul about it might be an idea. I really should. But who knows if I will or not. For now, I'll continue to mourn the lack, and quietly go to some other Mass and act just as I would at a solemn Mass. Even if it does make me one of a very few who do (or don't do) certain things.

I voted today. There was a total of one thing to vote for, that made a difference anyway. Quite a few things (people) to vote for, but all of them just had one Republican running so even though I filled in the ovals for all of them, it wouldn't have made a difference whether I did or didn't. The one that did have more than one person running I also voted for. Which is good. So far he's in the lead, but I think that it's only early results so far, and a lot of precincts haven't reported yet. And to be honest, I didn't know a whole lot about any of the five or six guys running for the Congress position, but I don't think any of them will be terrible. Especially any of the ones who are mostly likely to be voted in. Well, into the ballot anyway. However, I did find out something interesting when I went to vote today. Well, firstly it was funny because the lady I went to for the section for my precinct, when she saw my name she said to me, "Oh, your father was in here a little while ago." And then she got kind of excited (not really, but...amused, maybe?) because he had been number 29 and I was 39. Yeah. It was weird. And then she said, "So your mom still has to come in" or something like that, and I replied "Oh, I'm sure she'll be in later today." It was amusing. Anyway, and then a lady who lives down the street from us, who's always there when there's an election (there being the church where my precinct votes), and who also happens to be the mother of a girl I was friends with in...well I guess I met her in 4th grade, and then...we went to middle school together, but not high school so I haven't seen her for awhile, this lady (her mom) was like, "I have to show you the cutest picture" and proceeded to pull out her cell phone and show me a picture of a baby. This friend of mine apparently had a baby 11 days ago. Got married in June. It's pretty cool, but it's also kind of like...wow, another one. I mean, a surprising number of girls I went to middle or high school with have had babies within the last year or so. I guess maybe it shouldn't be surprising, but even though I'm in a pretty much minority regarding my commitment to wait until marriage, it's still hard for me to really get it in my head that other people my age, lots of other people, don't have that commitment at all. Anyway though.

I had a lot of fun at the Herald today. It's hard not to have fun there. Lots of fun people (or, like, four), and just fun times all around. I saw the bishop today a couple times too, as he passed by our office door going to see Bill. That's fun too. It's just great.

I think I'm going to have to go back in to Foy sometime soon, since it's been about two weeks since my last appointment and he said that if I couldn't get the retainer to fit after two weeks to come back in. I'm so sick of wearing this all day. Sometimes it just gets to the point where I can't keep wearing it, I just have to take it out for a little while. I don't know why I get to that point sometimes, but I do. Twill be quite nice once I can get the stupid retainer on, and then after two weeks (or four...or something) I can just wear it at night. Ah, how lovely that sounds. But for now, gotta keep going with the stupid all day every day thing. Bleck.

I guess I'm getting bored with writing for tonight. I can't believe how much boring, pointless stuff I've put in here. Sorry to anyone who's still reading. Although, only slightly, because you know you brought it on yourselves by continuing to read. You did.

7th August 2006

12:45am: Seriously.
You Belong in Rome

You're a big city girl with a small town heart
Which is why you're attracted to the romance of Rome
Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand
And gorgeous Italian men - could life get any better?

(well, I don't know that I can be categorized as a "big-city girl", but I guess I'm big-city enough.)

6th August 2006

10:25pm: Ever since the watermelon...
First of all, I hope I didn't sound like I was making light of the subject of World Trade Center in that last post, or making it seem like anything less than that day was. I didn't mean to if it did sound like that. And...well I just feel like I made it sound like...I don't even know. Sigh. Oh well.

On another note, I was just reading a blog, and this post was talking about being in the hospital but off of the IV. Well, I saw that "IV", and for some reason at first read it like a Roman numeral. I have no idea why, and it took me a minute to realize why that sentence didn't make sense. It was weird.

Oh yeah. I've decided that I really need to read the book Eats, Shoots and Leaves. I'm sure many of you have heard about it, and if you have, wouldn't you agree that it's a book I could get quite a bit of enjoyment out of? Hm after reading reviews at Amazon, I'm not so sure. Well, I'd like to read some book related to this subject anyway. (And typing that title reminds me of something: at the Herald, one thing I keep doing when I'm writing stuff is, when making a list, using too many commas. For example: She got pens, paper, a ruler, and folders. That's how I'd normally write it. Apparently, though, the comma before "and" isn't supposed to be there. I keep doing it though. It just seems so much more correct. I mean, if you have a list of three things but don't put a comma after the second, it could change the meaning. Like, I could say something about oh, I went somewhere with my parents, Cathy and Bobby. See, if I don't put that second comma in, you can read it like my parents are Cathy and Bobby, when really Cathy and Bobby are my sister and brother-in-law. If I put that comma in, that confusion doesn't happen. Sure, with the context and whatnot a lot of the time I guess it doesn't really matter, but sometimes it seems like it could make a difference. So anyway. Oh well. And I thought of it because when I wrote that title I put a comma after Shoots, but then had to change it because that comma isn't in the title. Silly me.)

I still feel like I'm betraying myself a little bit by saying this, but man for the past month or so I've very much wanted to watch Harry Potter movies. sigh. (In case you don't know, I had refused to watch/read Harry Potter stuff before last November, after having watched part of the first movie a few years back, and attempting to read the first book even before that, and not letting myself get into either. But then when the new movie was coming out, I didn't want to be left out of going to the midnight showing with like...everyone, particularly my Potter-obsessed roommates, so I watched the first three before going to the midnight showing with them, and begrudgingly now have to admit that they're not at all bad. Quite enjoyable, in fact.) Unfortunately, though, neither I nor anyone else in my family (except my older brother, who lives near Denver now and thus not anywhere close enough to just stop by) currently owns the Harry Potter movies. Hm seems like maybe Peter has the first one on VHS, but maybe he just rented it sometime or something. Not sure. But, I am currently wrestling with the idea of using part or the rest of my Best Buy gift card to buy them. The four. Not sure if I will though. I have a list of possibilities that I could spend that money on. At this rate, though, I'll probably end up hanging on to it until my birthday or something, at which point I may get some money with which to buy more movies. Although if I don't get it in gift card form, I'll probably feel bad spending it when I have tons of debt. (Ok, I'll be serious. I have no idea how much debt I'm in. And the debt I'm in is mostly school-related, not reckless spending-related. So don't worry too much. But that plus tickets related to ND football--assuming we get the Air Force ones, which I haven't heard back about yet which slightly worries me--and Steve's wedding back east plus whatever else I'm spending money on makes my spending money on anything frivolous at all seem rather stupid.) Anyway. Maybe I'll just go rent it or something. One of them. But then, which one? Hmm...I like the fourth best of all, so maybe I should just rent that one. But then I'm not sure. Ah, decisions, decisions. How I suck at making them.

Speaking of making decisions, I made a deal with God today. Haha. How stupid does that sound? You can't bargain with God. Well, maybe you can, but it's probably not a good idea. I don't know. Anyway. Since at this point, the decision of what to do at the end of this semester is nowhere near to being made, no more than it has been at any other point, I told God today to give me a sign this semester. It's a specific one, but it's also kind of stupid so I'm not going to share it here. Now, even though I said this today to him, I somehow doubt that even if this sign does happen I'll listen. Even if it does happen, I'll probably still waffle back and forth like I've been doing for the past year or whatever. And especially if it doesn't show up. That's just the way I am, and why I should probably never ask God for a specific sign. I mean, I'm so doubtful of anything, cynical even, that if it does happen I'll doubt that it's actually a sign, and I'll end up not basing my decision on that sign. Or using it in my calculations about the decision. Ah this isn't making sense. Oh well. (The thing is, though, I'm almost half not sure if I even want this sign thing to happen, even though I think it's something I want. But if I did get it and I took it as a sign and then ended up not going back as a result, I don't know if I'd want that. Eh. It's too early to tell anything right now anyway.)

Ick. I'm watching the news, and they have this feature story on some high school senior who's ridiculously flexible who wants to join Cirque du Soleil after graduating, and they have him doing all sorts of contortionist positions with some kids watching. The kids are commenting on how crazy it is, and I heard one of them say "For the love of God!" For some reason, this just doesn't float well with me. I mean, first of all, this kid was probably like 12ish, perhaps a year or two older. (The kid who said it.) And while obviously there's nothing wrong with using God's name in the proper context, to me it just seems like using it in vain in this case. It grates on me so badly when I hear people say "Jesus" as an exclamation, like when followed by someone's name, or when used as an exclamation of frustration. You all know what I'm talking about. And this is similar. For some reason, "Oh my God" doesn't grate the same way, but sometimes it does, and I do my best not to say that if I can help it. Unless I'm, you know, praying or something. But I don't know. I just didn't appreciate hearing that just now. Maybe I'm being too sensitive. Oh well. Sucks for me I guess. (It also sucks for me that I can't stand hearing the f-word, because among people my age, give or take five years, it's used far too often. And I'm sure among other age groups as well. Either way, in any context I HATE hearing it. yeah, yeah, it's "just a word", but if words didn't affect people, then would it be politically incorrect to use racial slurs, for example? Aren't those "just words" too? I hate that word. Don't use it around me if you don't want me telling you to stop. Because I will. Unless I don't know you, and just happen to over hear it. I'm not quite at the point where I'm willing to correct someone I don't know. But anyway.)

So, this may or may not be stupid, but one reason I want to switch over to blogger is because I haven't been able to figure out on here how to put links in so that I can type one word and you click the word and it's a link. I'm sure there's gotta be a way to do it, I just havent' been successful with it and am too lazy to extensively search and figure it out. And it just seems nicer, somehow. More appealing to the eye or whatever. I don't know. I'll probably do it eventually. It's really stupid, I mean, what's the big deal about switching? I should just do it. I annoy myself sometimes.

There's a Catholic author that I've heard of before but have yet to ready anything by. Evelyn Waugh. Apparently he's pretty good. I put a book of his short stories on hold at the library, but there's another one of his that I heard about that the library doesn't have. I want to read it though. Too bad Best Buy doesn't sell books. I should go see if like Hooked on Books has it or something. I dislike buying books. But maybe this'll be worth it.

I guess that's enough random stuff for tonight.
3:55pm: World Trade Center
There's been some discussion about this upcoming movie. It opens on Wednesday, I guess, but of course some people have already seen it. From those who have, most of the reviews and whatnot that I have read have been positive toward it. Lots of comments about how it's not really political in any sense, which suprises many due to the fact that it's an Oliver Stone movie, and that it's just telling the story of these two New York City policemen who somehow, by the grace of God (and apparently there are nods and allusions to Jesus and whatnot), managed to survive the carnage.

A lot of people think that either it's too soon to have a movie about this, or it's just too awkward (or some other adjective...adverb?) for people to make money off of it, or that they just don't think we need yet another reminder about what happened--there's enough real footage that going to see a fake version, more or less, is pointless. I do understand these points. I mean, it's been five years, which on the one hand makes me say, "How can five years already have gone by?" but on the other hand is really a fairly short period of time. For me, I've gone through a lot of changes and whatnot in the last five years (that's a quarter of my life so far), so it does kind of seem like it's been awhile. But for other people, five years is barely a blink of their life. So the "too soon" argument does have merit. I honestly don't think there's anything wrong with attempting to keep it in people's minds though. It isn't something we should forget about, and while I know that very few really "forget" about it, it's easy to forget just how horrible that day was, especially for those of us who aren't constantly surrounded by reminders. We're still fighting with the same things that brought us to that day, and I think that quite a few people tend to forget that that day is a big part of what caused us to be where we are today in the world, and in our country itself. As for the money argument, that I can see as being a bit weird. It almost seems like this should be something that people can go see for free, although obviously that wouldn't be very...American. I think it would be really cool if the people involved in the movie donated a lot of whatever profit there is to funds and whatnot that were set up to help victims of 9/11, but I doubt that'll happen. As for not needing another reminder, I guess I already put my feelings about that a few sentences up. I understand that these reasons will keep a lot of people from seeing the movie, but I think seeing it can be good for some. Obviously not everyone, and not everyone will go see it.

People make movies about tragedies all the time. Schindlers List, Saving Private Ryan, even The Passion (although I wouldn't categorize that as a "tragedy" in the same sense, but it's still one of those movies that you don't watch to make you feel good). They're not entertaining in the normal sense. They're not really entertaining at all, but we still watch them. Granted, those were movies made about things that happened years ago, but the way our country and our society is today, things happen faster. Making movies, whether they be fictionalized accounts of real events, or as in this case a pretty much true-to-life account of a real event, gives people who weren't there or who don't really have any connection to anyone who was there a way to see what happened that they wouldn't otherwise. For me, I'm the type of person who wants to be able to know some real account of whatever it is. I don't like leaving it up to my imagination, I like to be able to see for myself. In a way. I like to be able to have a realistic picture of the event for some reason. I get more closure or whatever you want to call it if I'm able to have that not as imagined view of it. Obviously in many cases it's not exactly how things happened, but it's at least a fairly close representation. I'm a visual person. Maybe it comes from being a movie fiend, but I like to have that. That's why on the actual 9/11, I watched coverage for as long as I could from the minute I got home. It might also be a weird wanting-to-know-what-it-was-like-to-be-there thing that I have. I mean, obviously these are horrible events and no one really wants to experience them, but a part of me wants to know. I don't really think this is a good thing, but that's how my mind works sometimes.

Anyway, I'm not quite sure what the point of this whole thing was, other than I thought about it last night and wanted to put my feelings about the movie in my blog. I know many (in general) will disagree, but I think that movies like this can help remind us of where we don't want to be again. What we don't want to experience again. What we don't want to happen again. That's true of a lot of these types of movies. We see the horrors of the Holocaust and know that we can't let that kind of thing happen ever again. Etc. Anyway. I guess I should probably see the movie before I write a whole blog post about it, but I don't know when I'll see it and I was thinking about it now, so here it is. That's my two cents on a fairly insignificant topic (the movie, not 9/11), when it comes down to it

5th August 2006

6:55pm: Do you ever stop and think?
Sometimes I wonder, when's life really going to start? When are things going to become what they're supposed to be? And then I realize, life started a long time ago. And things aren't just magically going to become something they're not supposed to be, even if I think that's how it's supposed to be.Someties it's so weird to think about all the things I'm never going to experience, simply because the path my life is on. Not that it's a bad thing, necessarily, just weird in a way. There's so much I think I might like to experience or live, yet won't ever get the chance to. And I'm ok with that, because we can't all experience all there is in this world. It just doesn't work that way. Yeah this isn't making any sense, but oh well.


Did any of you watch a show in the 90s, on CBS (I believe, back when CBS had all those good family-friendly shows like Touched by an Angel, Dr Quinn, and Early Edition--all very excellent shows), called Promised Land? Man it was an awesome show. I want it to come on DVD so I can watch the episodes again. Man, those were the years with good TV. Not the crap they have on now. Sigh.

Seriously, exhausted.

Mom's company picnic was today. It was pretty fun. Cathy and I won the three-legged race. We're always pretty good at that. Although, they did the race a second time later for the big prizes, and Cathy and I got second by like...a few inches. And it was a little sad, there were two big prizes, so you'd think maybe they'd let the winning team pick one and then the second team get the other...Or maybe I just think that because we got second. Oh well. I got a nalgene knock-off thing from winning the first time, so I'm pretty excited about that. And a $20 Blockbuster gift card from winning in Bingo. I'm planning on probably buying 3 movies with that (because they have the used ones you can buy like 3 for $20 or 25).

There's a nice new development in the city today. Gas has gone to about $3 a gallon, give or take. The cheap place I've been buying from lately is $2.96, and they were 2.88 at least on Thursday. Not sure about Friday. But yeah, I noticed it as I drove past it today on the way to the picnic, and was like man I hope I misread that price. But no. Sigh. Oh well. It happens.

Ok so there's this commercial for the cereal Smart Start. And it's a mom and daughter talking about it, and after the girl asks what the cereal is, the mom says "Smart Start healthy heart." The girl replies by saying "...Healthy heart?" like she doesn't understand what it means. She sounds like such an idiot to me. Anyway. It's a stupid commercial, and it's on too much. On the other hand, the Sonic commercial for the hot fudge brownie blast, with the husband wanting a taste of the ice cream and the wife continually telling him why this bite and this bite and this bite aren't good to give to him, that commercial is quite humorous.

So this is what my computer background currently is: http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i282/susalyn14/Summer%202006/Rocky%20Mountain%20National%20Park%20July%2021-23/DSCN2000.jpg
Isn't it just gorgeous? I could stare at that all day long.

Kebbie had a good squirrel day today. Right before Tom, Peter, and I were going to leave to go to the picnic, there was a squirrel in the Russian Olive in the backyard, right outside the dining room window. It's always exciting for Kebbie when they're in that tree because it's like right there. So anyway, she went outside to chase it, and it jumped from the tree to the monkey bars we have on our swingset, and then for like ten minutes it was just running back and forth from the monkey bars to the Eagle's nest to above the swings, and then back to the monkey bars, etc, over and over, and of course Kebbie was right below it, kept following it, and it kept teasing her. Very funny stuff. Eventually it jumped back into the tree, and since we wanted to get going, Peter went out and shook the tree a little, the squirrel jumped onto the monkey bars, and eventually into some trees along the fence in our side yard. So then essentially it was gone. But it was very exciting for Kebbie. She doesn't usually get to chase squirrels that long, because if there is one on the fence and we let her out to chase it, it just runs to one end or the other and goes in some tree or something and out of Kebbie's range. (I mean, not that Kebbie could actually get it, but yeah. Beyond either side of the fence.) Anyway though.

Ahhh. I'm this close to switching over to the blogger account I have. Should I do it? Hm.....
3:07am: Bad idea

Tonight I had my first shot ever. Followed by 5 or 6 (if not more) others. Me and alcohol just don't go together well. The now two-ish times I've gotten drunk, I just ask myself what on earth I was thinking later on. It's just so not worth it to me. All I got out of it, in the end, was a headache. I definitely don't plan on doing that any time soon again. (although it was with my family--minus Cathy and Bobby--and two good friends, so that part was fun.)

Drinking (more than like one or two drinks, I guess)=not good news for Susie.
Current Mood: sick
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